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Commercial Tile and Stone Cleaning

Keeping your hard surface flooring clean and fresh!

Zerorez® is the only tile and stone cleaner to use our patented Powered Water® to clean tile, stone, and grout. Powered Water® technology cleans leaving No Residue®, which attract soiling. Our zr process™ doesn't use harsh acids or alkalines, so it is safe for all types of stone and tile flooring. Flooring stays cleaner longer, and doesn't lose its natural shine due to chemical etching.

Tile and Grout

Keeping your tile and grout can be a challenge in commercial settings: high traffic leads to high maintenance, which leads to dirty looking tile and grout. The only way to truly get your grout clean is with our patented zr process™, which removes dirt, oils, and soil attracting detergents. 

Standard cleaning practices utilize harsh acids to strip away the top layer of grout when cleaning. This weakens grout, and over time, can damage tiles as well. Acids can't be used on stones, either, causing etching to already damaged surfaces. Powered Water® can clean all flooring surfaces quickly, effectively, and safely. 

Without the use of harsh toxins, your office and business spaces are healthier, too. Our services are designed to be LEED certified, and our technicians are trained to keep your green building green and clean.

Lobby, Kitchen, or Restroom

Your flooring says a lot about your company, and believe it or not, your customers notice them. Whether you need your lobby, bathroom, kitchen, or any other hard surface in your business establishment cleaned, our services are designed especially for you. Call to schedule your maintenance checkup today!

What Boise is saying about Zerorez

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On Time and Professional

We had our carpets cleaned a couple of days ago and are very happy with the experience. The tech, Rusty, was great and very knowledgeable. He was on time and professional. I wanted to find a cleaner that does not use soap or chemicals, so that is why I chose Zero Rez. I was skeptical that the carpets would look clean, but they definitely are clean and look awesome. They are also very soft now to walk on. Very happy.

2083831000 Zerorez Boise 8744 West Fairview Avenue Varied

A Wonderful Experience

I had a wonderful experience with Zerorez. They were on time, very professional, thoroughly explained everything and gave me tips to keep my carpet looking great until the next cleaning. My two front rooms look absolutely amazing. I am one very satisfied customer and will be sure to share my experience !!!!

2083831000 Zerorez Boise 8744 West Fairview Avenue Varied

Very Happy

We were very happy with our carpet. With 3 kids and two dogs it's hard to keep light carpet clean. Also, when we had a puke fest zerorez was able to do our carpet and my sons mattress. When we had a bloody accident involving my accident prone son and the bed frame, they were able to get the blood out of our carpet that was like rain and 5 feet down the hallway. We use their pet spray and water too!