The ZEROREZ® Difference

Empowered Water™

At the heart of Zerorez® Boise's revolutionary cleaning technology, is our ability to clean without the use of high-residue soaps, detergents, shampoos or chemicals.

Zerorez® Boise Carpet Cleaning is based on our unique EMPOWERED WATER™ technology. EMPOWERED WATER™ is water that is enhanced through a patented electrolysis process and oxidized to create a powerful cleaning solution without harmful toxins or chemicals.

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Soft Surfaces (Carpet, Upholstery, Drapes)

Typical soft surface “steam-cleaning” used on carpets and upholstery mixes hot water with soaps or detergents. The mixture is then sprayed on the carpet or upholstery under pressure. Much of the liquefied soap, dirt, and water is removed with a vacuum; however, a significant portion of the mixture remains behind. As the fibers of the surface dry and the water evaporates, soap and chemicals stay behind in the fibers and literally act as dirt magnets.

The remaining soap residue is the most common cause of accelerated re-soiling in carpets and upholstery. In addition, conventional hot water extraction has also been the primary cause of over-wetting while cleaning carpets causes a number of problems, including extended dry times.

By contrast, the Zerorez® Boise cleaning system does not use soaps, detergents or shampoos to clean, but instead uses our revolutionary EMPOWERED WATER™.

EMPOWERED WATER™ is applied to the carpet fibers via low-pressure spray, both loosening embedded dirt and cleaning the carpet by eliminating a wide range of germs, pathogens and bacteria. The emulsified soil is then removed, leaving just the extraction water on the carpet surface which dries quickly and without any residue.

Hard Surfaces

Hard surfaces, such as tile and grout, linoleum, wood, and laminate, especially in the kitchen and bathrooms, are a breeding ground for dangerous microorganisms that can cause odors, allergic reactions, and infectious diseases. Mopping can remove some of these microorganisms, but more often mopping spreads these germs around. Most mops, microfiber pads, and other commercially available cleaning systems leave a soap or detergent residue on these surfaces, creating a sticky, hard to clean floor.

Zerorez® Boise cleans tile, grout, linoleum, stone, wood, and laminate floors with our patented Empowered Water™ technology, which leaves no sticky, toxic, dirt attracting residue on the floors. Your hard surface floor stays cleaner longer, and stay looking fantastic.

What we do

The Zerorez® Process starts with a thorough inspection by our trained technicians of the work to be completed. We will ask you about your carpet, and your expectations. We will test areas of concern, and show you exactly what you can expect. Sometimes it's pretty gross what we pull out of your carpet!

We will take care of your home, by not only wearing protective shoe coverings, but also using wall protectors to keep our hoses from damaging walls and furniture. Other tools we use can help to minimize the chance of accidental damage to your home.

Whether we are cleaning lightly soiled carpet or the heaviest traffic area, we pre-treat your carpet with our proprietary Empowered Water™ which cleans and sanitizes without any harmful, dirt attracting chemicals. Using our high agitation machine, we gently scrub your carpet, and lift even the most ground in soils and hair out of your carpet fibers. The BrushPro™ also helps to lift the pile of the carpet, giving heavily trafficked, damaged carpet new life.

After the pre-treatment steps, we employ our state-of-the-art, Platinum Rated, truck mounted extraction unit to gently and uniformly spray our Empowered Water™ into and in-between your carpet fibers, gently lifting dirt and oil out, and removing previous cleaners solutions.

Our next step is to place our High Volume Air Mover in strategic locations to help speed dry your carpet, tile, or couches. Our fans blow at an impressive 40 mph, and just 15 minutes of use can reduce dry times by up to two hours.

Finally, if you choose, we can reapply factory specified protectors to your carpet and upholstery, and deep penetrating sealants to your tile or stone. These protective coatings will not only make regular maintenance of your home easier and more efficient, they will protect your investments from permanent damage.

Congratulations! Your home is now Zerorezified® back to new!