Area Rugs and Oriental Rugs

Oriental and fine rugs have great stories- where they came from, who made them, and how they came to your home. They tell stories of people, of legends, of great skill. They are passed on through generations, and those stories only get added onto. A good wool or silk rug will last through generations, and Zerorez® can help keep that rug looking as fresh and new as the day it joined your family.

Oriental and other delicate area rugs can be ruined by traditional, improper cleaning methods. Improper cleaning can damage fibers, bleed colors and leave a messy residue. Zerorez® Boise is the Treasure Valley's ONLY WoolSafe Approved Service Provider. We have been trained and certified to take care of even the finest textiles. Our process is designed not to clean just the face yarn fibers, but to get deep into the rug and remove the hard to get out soils.

Dirt can cause permanent damage to the knots that hold your rug together, and that damage can cause fiber loss. We begin the cleaning process by "dusting" the rug, to remove this ground in dry soil.

Once the dusting is completed, we can begin "washing" the rug, gently flooding the rug with our patented Empowered Water, which breaks down oils and dirt. The soils become suspended in the water and are then washed away.

We then give you the option of high grade fiber protection, specially designed for fine fibers such as wool and silk. Zerorez® Protectors protect fibers from damage, helps reduce re-soiling, and protects the rug against stains.

Once the rug is dried and groomed, we wrap the rug for its trip back home to you, good as new!

Using the ZEROREZ® patented cleaning system to clean your rugs will:

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